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I wish to join the Furnace Protection Program - Include annual tune up, 24 hour emergency service and replacement of most furnace parts and most labour costs.


By clicking on the submit button on the online application or signing a paper based application you have confirmed acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in the credit application. And, you authorize Columbia Fuels a Division of Parkland Industries LP to perform any necessary credit checks to determine suitability for credit and/or proceed with collections for non-payment where credit has been granted.


To purchase goods and services on an account with Columbia Fuels – A Division of Parkland Industries LP (the “Supplier”), the Applicant agrees to the following terms and conditions.

1. The Applicant agrees and consents to the Supplier making credit inquiries about the Applicant and/or the Undersigned in connection with this credit application, for any future renewal or extension of credit, or as deemed necessary from time to time.

2. The Applicant will pay the Supplier the total amount set out in each invoice, which is due and owing to the Supplier within 30 days of the invoice date, or within the terms laid out in the monthly Equalized Payment Program detailed in term #16.

3. Should the Applicant enter into an equipment finance plan or hot water tank lease with Columbia Fuels the Applicant agrees to purchase heating/stove oil from Columbia Fuels and from no other company or supplier of home heating fuels during the duration of the financing term or lease agreement.

4. The Applicant acknowledges that all payments shall be made to Columbia Fuels – A Division of Parkland Industries LP’s corporate office located at 2669 Wilfert Rd, Victoria, B.C., V9B 5Z3.

5. The Applicant agrees to pay a service charge of 2% per month (26.8% per year nominal) compounded monthly and to be calculated as per the Canada Interest Act on past due balances. The Applicant agrees to pay the Supplier an administration fee of $50.00 per item for any dishonoured payment returned by a bank.

6. The Applicant agrees to provide the Supplier fourteen (14) days notice in writing of the Applicant’s intention to cancel the account.

7. The Applicant hereby agrees that nothing herein shall bind or compel the Supplier to advance or re-advance credit to the Applicant and further, the Supplier may alter the credit limit and/or terms or even suspend credit privileges as deemed appropriate by the Supplier from time to time.

8. All residential product pricing may at any time be increased or decreased with fluctuating world market conditions or at the sole discretion of the Supplier. The Applicant waives any right to advance notice of any change in price.

9. To the extent permitted by law, the Supplier disclaims liability for consequential loss or damages which may occur related to the following events; a) Any change in Customer's heating equipment, including removal or relocating oil storage tank, or b) Customer vacating the premises due to sale of premises or end of tenancy. The Supplier must be notified in writing, fourteen (14) days prior to any changes as noted in a) or b).

10. The Supplier shall not be liable for failure to supply delivered heating fuel if prevented by Acts of God, fire, labour disturbances, impassable roads, shortage of fuel or any other cause reasonably beyond the Supplier’s control.

11. If upon audit of any delivery ticket or invoice an error is detected in the calculation of applicable taxes charged or rate charged per litre, the Supplier will make the required corrections and the Applicant agrees to pay the corrected amount.

12. If the account is sent to a third party collection agency and collection action is initiated, the Applicant agrees that an administration fee of $100.00 will be charged to the Applicant’s account. In addition, the Applicant agrees to pay all reasonable collection costs.

13. This contract is deemed to be made in Victoria, British Columbia and any breach of this contract may at the discretion of the Supplier, be litigated in the appropriate court in any jurisdiction in the Greater Victoria Electoral District in the Province of British Columbia.

14. The Supplier shall not be liable for any costs or consequential damages associated with the run-out of heating fuel on automatic delivery accounts caused by unusual and/or inconsistent consumption patterns which are reasonably beyond Columbia’s control, including but not limited to the discontinuance by the Applicant of use of a secondary heat source, i.e.: wood, heat pump, electric plus etc.

15. The Applicant may elect to pay for their estimated annual requirements in twelve equal monthly instalments. This is referred to as the Equalized Payment Plan (EPP) and requires payment by direct debit or auto credit card. Please note the calculation of the initial Equalized Payment is only an estimate and the Supplier performs regular reviews of Equalized Payment balances to ensure payments are in line with plan requirements. Based on these reviews, the Applicant’s account may be adjusted from time to time to reflect changes in market pricing conditions. Should this occur the Applicant will be provided with written notice of any increase/decrease in the Equalized Payment amount. However, the primary responsibility of reviewing the outstanding Equalized Payment balance rests with the Applicant.

16. The Supplier shall not, at any time, sell customer lists to any company or organization not affiliated with Columbia Fuels – A Division of Parkland Industries LP. For further information on our Privacy commitment, please visit our website at www.columbiafuels.com. If you require a hard copy; please forward your request in writing.

17. Acceptance of any amendment or alteration of this agreement must be confirmed in writing by the Supplier to the Applicant.